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Blaupunkt Electric Profesional Kettle Eks401


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Nowadays an electric kettle is not only a kitchen appliance but also a basic necessity and an interior design element, which is why users are setting the bar higher and higher for manufacturers in terms of functionality and appearance.#13#10#13#10The Blaupunkt EKS401, with its 2000W and 1.7 litre (min. 0.5 litre) capacity, meets all these requirements and is suitable for large families. Thanks to its swivel base, the heater hidden in the flat bottom and the button that automatically opens the lid, this appliance is very convenient for everyday use. The user also doesn't have to worry about forgetting to put water in the kettle for tea - the kettle will automatically switch off after the water boils.#13#10#13#10In addition, the built-in overheat protection and Strix controller, with which the kettle is equipped, ensures safe use. The kettle, to be even more functional, has a perfectly shaped spout, thanks to which when pouring water no drop will spill, a water level indicator, which allows the user to control the amount of water, and a special construction of the base, on which we can wind up the unnecessary part of the cable.#13#10#13#10EKS401 is made of stainless steel. The built-in lime sediment filter additionally ensures that sediment does not get into our cup. This convenience will certainly be appreciated by every housewife.#13#10#13#10The elegant window in the lid and the body made of resistant stainless steel will certainly appeal to all people who care about modern interior design.
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