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Blaupunkt Hand Profesional Blender Hbd801 White


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Comfort and quality of work is important not only in our professional work, we all also value it when preparing food in our kitchen. It is therefore hard to find a more useful appliance to help us do this than a blender. You can use it to blend soup, make a smoothie, grind nuts, knead dough, mix cottage cheese, chop parsley, beat eggs and make a puree. Cooking with this helper is a pleasure.#13#10#13#10The powerful and at the same time quiet DC motor of the Blaupunkt HBD801BK gives it the power of 1000W, which is a rare function among the devices of this type available on the market. Thanks to this, with the HBD801BK you can not only prepare soups for small children or babies, but also crush almonds or chop hard vegetables. The infinitely variable speed control, operated by a single knob on the handle, will prove invaluable in these tasks.#13#10#13#10The quadruple titanium coated blades are the most important element of this appliance and definitely speed up the chopping process and increase the basket of products which can be prepared with this appliance. The blades are positioned in relation to each other at the most optimal angles, ensuring precision in cutting all ingredients. The special contouring to the opposite side of one of the blade wings improves the catching and mixing of the ingredients. The arrangement of the blades together with the holes in the housing of the blending attachment provide the most effective dynamic flow for the food being prepared.#13#10#13#10The HBD801BK blender is made of high-quality Bisphenol-A-free (BPA-free) materials, which makes it safe for our health. The handle of the device is a combination of two durable materials: rubberised plastic and metal. The ergonomic shape and very solid and aesthetically pleasing workmanship complete the operating comfort. Subdued colours will appeal to every modern housewife.
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