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Blaupunkt Humidifier Profesional – Evaporative

Cod produs: TFOAGDAONAWBLA00008

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The humidifier has an antibacterial filter with silver ions, which protects against the proliferation of microorganisms. High air flow through the filter (up to 75 m2/h) combined with a very large evaporation surface (up to 1.5 m2) affects the high efficiency of water evaporation on the filter and thus quickly normalize the humidity level in the room. The built-in LED display with touch panel indicates the humidity in the room and the water level in the 4 litre container which is filled from the top. This capacity also guarantees a long operation time without the need to refill the tank too often. You can also use tap water without worrying about limescale deposits near the humidifier and on your furniture. Quiet operation of less than 38 dB in silent mode and only 45 dB in intensive mode means that the humidifier in silent mode can also work at night and ensure a comfortable, healthy sleep for all household members. The AHE601 humidifier emits no ultrasonic sounds, making it pet friendly too.
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