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Blaupunkt Humidifier Profesional Ahd803set

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AHS803 is the latest model of the Blaupunkt air humidifier that enables constant maintenance of optimal air humidity and cleans it of pollutants, which significantly improves the comfort of staying in a room and has a positive impact on our health. It also has an excellent humidifying capacity of 400 ml/h.#13#10#13#10Humidistat monitors the air humidity and keeps it constantly humidified. Simply select a target humidity level between 40% and 80% and the humidifier will start and shut down oscillating around the selected value. You can also select the automatic mode, which will keep the humidity between 55% and 68%, adjusting the humidification intensity according to the ambient conditions.#13#10#13#10Thanks to the built-in timer, you can set an operating time from 1 to 10 hours, after which the device will switch off. This will also happen if the water tank is empty, so the humidifier won't run dry and fail.#13#10#13#10The AHS803 is also equipped with a thermometer function, which informs the user of the temperature in the room, as well as a "hot mist" which, when the appropriate button is pressed, activates a heater that heats up the water mist.#13#10#13#10Thanks to the HEPA H13 filter, which traps as much as 99.95% of pollutants and particles PM 2.5 and PM 10, this model is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory problems. Apart from the filter, inside the device, there is also a UV lamp that irradiates the air and eliminates fungal spores, viruses and other microorganisms that may have a negative impact on our health.#13#10
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