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Blaupunkt Humidifier Profesional Ahs801


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Air humidifier AHS801 by Blaupunkt is a high-quality device created to improve the comfort of your life and your household. Air in the home is a very important factor determining our health and well-being, and improving its quality with an air humidifier is very simple and does not require any effort from the user. This model is characterised by its unique functionality because in addition to humidifying the air, it also serves as a purifier, getting rid of pollutants and dust from the room. If you, your household members, and especially small children, have chapped lips, irritated mucous membranes, headaches or sleep problems, an air humidifier can help solve these problems.#13#10#13#10The optimal air humidity for humans is between 40-60%. Unfortunately, in winter and autumn, due to heating systems, it may drop even to 15%. Air conditioning and the presence of electronic devices also have a negative influence on humidity. Long-term staying in rooms with low humidity may lead to many ailments, including increased susceptibility to infections. Too much humidity promotes the growth of fungi and moulds.
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